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Miles Maverick
Miles Maverick
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Jobber: Luke Reign

on Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:14 am
Ring Name: Luke Reign
Nickname(s): War Torn The Canadian Nightmare

Height: 6'4
Weight: 204 Pounts
Hometown: Toronto, On

Pic Base: Murphy
Segment Attire (Optional): He usually Wears a metal mulisha Cap and some sneakers and A Slipknot Shirt

Theme Song: twenty one pilots Fairly Local

Detailed Entrance Description (Optional): The Lights go out and Fairly Local Starts Playing As soon as the First Verse Comes on Luke Reign walks out wearing a jacket with a hoodie that says Im so Sic. He then Gets on the middle rope and throws up a Sign of the Horns and then gets down and waits for his opponent
Disposition (Face, Tweener, Heel): Heel
Gimmick (20 words or more): Luke Reign Can be A striaght Up Brawler Who feels no shame what so ever and dosent care what you think of him and Likes to injure People. Luke Also Likes Metal music and he is a big fan of MMA and was born from a rich family but his brother was a bit of a bitch to him so he took all that rage his brother gave to him and he useses it to kick the ever living shit out of his opponent
Specialty Match: No Hold's Barred Match
Weapon of Choice: Barbed Wire Chair

Common Moves: Jawbreaker, Reverse DDT,  Double Knee, Pele Kick, Superkick, Backflip Kick Savate Kick, Heart Punch, High Knee Striking Spear, Cannonball, Backfist, Crooked Arm Lariat Suplex Combo Armbar

Signature Moves (7 Max):  Suicide Somersault Senton,  91 Tiger bomb Double Knee Fireman's Carry Gutbuster Pumphandle Michinoku Driver II Flip Piledriver Turnbuckle Powerbomb Tree of Woe-Cannonball

Finishing Moves (3 Max): End Of Life (Triple Powerbomb) Shatterd Soul (Muscle Buster) Last Breath (Muta Lock)
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Re: Jobber: Luke Reign

on Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:11 pm
You're Canadian. That alone should justify your Deletion. Your weak wristed hand shakes and poor excuses for bacon have no business in our company. Your use of entrance music by the pilot after twenty is also very obnoxious sounding to my ears.
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