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Jobber: Tornado

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Jobber: Tornado Empty Jobber: Tornado

Post by Miles Maverick on Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:13 am


In-Ring Name:Tornado   

Nickname(s):Bit  Luchador


Weight:170 lbs  

Hometown:Los Angeles California    



Pic Base: Sin Cara

Jobber: Tornado Sin-botch-o



Gimmick: A Character who is Constantly looking on the bright side of life, and never lets anything get them down.

Specialty Match: Hell in a Cell  

Favorite Weapon(s): Steel Chair

Entrance Theme: Ancient Spirit by Jim Johnston

Special Entrance Description(Optional): When his music starts playing he jumps out  from the stage and then his Pyro burst wide open and he sees a kid with a mask of his and he gets on top of the apron and poses and he goes to the other side of the apron and he gets down off the apron and he begins to fight.        

Signature Moves
Handstand Headscissors takedown
Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb
Standing Shiranui
Suicide Dive
Common Moves
Moonsault Slam
Reverse Samoan Drop
Sleeper Hold
Back chop
Springboard Crossbody
Wheelbarrow body scissors
Guillotina Suicida  

Finisher Moves: Spanish Fly, Springboard Reverse Frankensteiner

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Miles Maverick
Miles Maverick

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Jobber: Tornado Empty Re: Jobber: Tornado

Post by Cyanide on Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:06 pm

Even more latin spice has appeared! I very much appreciate the hard work of your peepul. You have big shoes to fill following the lawn mowing efforts of my good friend Senor JJ.

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