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Jobber: Andrew Stirling

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Jobber: Andrew Stirling Empty Jobber: Andrew Stirling

Post by Miles Maverick on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:32 pm

RING NAME: Andrew Stirling
NICKNAME(S): The Violinist
AGE: 24
HAILING FROM: Albany, New York.
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'1 and 210 lbs
Pic Base: Aiden English

Jobber: Andrew Stirling 200_s

ENTRANCE MUSIC: Elements - Lindsey Stirling

FAVORITE MATCH TYPE:  I like hot spots, so anything that could make me impress someone. (not win, impress)

LEAST FAVORITE MATCH TYPE:  Please spare my beautiful face.

WHO ARE YOU?:  The story of Andrew. Andrew was a small child, when he went through a hard time on being a part of a poor family. He was the only kid, raised by only his father because his mother died at birth. Through all his hard life in the end of the day the only thing that would make him sleep, was the sweet sound of the violin his father played. Before his father died when Adrew was 20, he left him his last advice. Go out, live, enjoy life. Be someone to remember. And never back down to anyone. And as a last gift Andrew took his father violin and made it out of steel so it could never break, which he carries everywhere and plays it at any time he has.


STRENGTHS:  Remembering the last words of his father, "Never back down", Andrew's strength is the will to continue.


WRESTLING STYLE: A technician with  a bit of high flying skills.

Snap Suplex
German Suplex
Triple German Suplex
Shining Wizard
Belly to belly suplex
Turning Spinebuster
Boston Crab

Melody (Big Boot)
String Check (Armbar)

The Final Note (Blue Thunder Bomb)
Miles Maverick
Miles Maverick

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Jobber: Andrew Stirling Empty Re: Jobber: Andrew Stirling

Post by Cyanide on Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:28 pm

YOU DAMN GIMMICK INFRINGING THIEF! I saw you play a violin in your matches! Not just any violin, but the violin given to me by the great Antoni Stradivari himself! Return it to me or face financial brokenness by the hands of my legal team.

P.S. Senor JJ, I don't know how he got around my estate under your watchful eye but just know that I will have to take that out of your payment for the day. My belly box could use the extra food stamps anyway.

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