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The Voice of PGW.

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The Voice of PGW. Empty The Voice of PGW.

Post by Asesina Santos on Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:16 pm

--G I A  C E R V A N T E S.
The Voice of PGW. Tumblr_ojd5s0tKE41tejch0o2_540

Name: Gia Cervantes.

Government Name: Gia Corazon Jackson-LeBeau (nee Cervantes).

Birthday: July 18, 1991.

Nickname: "(The) Mistress of the Mic".

Picbase: Shay Mitchell.

Alignment: Cheerful face.

Height: Five feet, eight inches.

Weight: One-hundred and twenty-six pounds.

Hometown: San Diego, California.

Entrance Theme: "Slumber Party" -- Britney Spears & Tinashe.

Character Description:
Someone in Gia's position as a non-wrestler could assume that this gig announcing matches would be a cake walk, but she knows better. She's had a front row seat to the inner workings of the business for the last few years now, and while she's happy to be here -- with her family, no less -- she knows that existing in the world of professional wrestling is nothing like where she's been before. Anything she sees during the duration of her time in PGW will make the catty worlds of pageants, modeling, and football wives look like nothing in comparison.

Gia started out as a beauty queen, winning Miss California Teen USA in 2007, Miss Teen USA in 2008, and Miss California 2009. After finishing in the top ten of that year's Miss USA pageant, she quit pageants to focus on her education. She studied communications at Cal State LA, and at a party her junior year, she met a football player from USC named Andre Jackson-LeBeau. When she started dating Andre, she always went with him to the LA-area independent shows where his younger sister, Aria, wrestled. The two both graduated in 2013, he got drafted to the Packers, and thus began the beginning of them splitting their time between LA and Green Bay. Gia's modeling career flourished, with her signing to Wilhelmina Models, booking appearances in music videos, and shooting ad campaigns for several different brands. She and Andre got engaged in February 2015 and married in October 2016 -- but not before their daughter Brianna was born in May 2016.

Now, while Gia has absolutely no plans to lace up a pair of boots, she's still here and more than ready to jump into the PGW fray. She's carving out a path in this company that's different than the one charted by Aria or Ricki. Her voice will be the one that wafts through the air before and after every brutal bout. She'll be the one who narrates the rise of each competitor on this roster. She's ready. Hand her the microphone so she can get down to business.
Asesina Santos
Asesina Santos

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The Voice of PGW. Empty Re: The Voice of PGW.

Post by Cyanide on Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:05 pm

Daddy Deletion does not like to take judgement upon a book before fully reading its contents but if this biography of you is anything to go by I very much hope that this voice of my company comes down with a sore throat.

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