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Jobber: Busta Bunny

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Jobber: Busta Bunny Empty Jobber: Busta Bunny

Post by Miles Maverick on Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:53 am

Real Name: Hugo Rosales-Arias.
In-Ring Name: Busta Bunny.
Nickname(s): Da Bounce of Da Bronx.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 215
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Personality: Thugged out mannerisms. Take no BS.

Jobber: Busta Bunny The-bunny

Pic Base: The Bunny in the ring  Hunico out of ring   I dont kno if im allowed to use 2 guys but if someone else wants Hunico ill use some other vato lol.

Alignment: IDK.

Gimmick: Bunny that will fuck you up Nuff said.

Story: Hugo Rosales-Arias is a high-school dropout, common criminal & everyday vato from the hood of NY looking to make a living. After getting fired from the Circus after being caught toting blunts backstage with the clowns before a show, Hugo had to find means to support his family. So he took his act to wrestling school and is here to whup some ass for cash, legally.

Specialty Match: IDK.

Favorite Weapon(s): All.

Goals in EAW: Make enuff dough to feed wifey and kids at home by crushin' some skulls.

Entrance Theme: Big Pun - Wrong Ones feat. Sunkiss

Special Entrance Description(Optional): All my entrances are some circus shit where thugged out evil clowns and circus freaks show up. We keep it hardcore.

Most Used Moves: Gringo Killer, Busta-Can-Rana, Corkscrew dropkick, Crossbody, Slingshot elbow, Slingshot legdrop, moonsault.

Trade Mark Moves: Corner splash with corner punches, Heluva Kick, Senton Neckbreaker off the top.

Finishing Moves: Bronx Busta. (Springboard Curb stomp)
Frogsplash. (tribute to Eddie)
Miles Maverick
Miles Maverick

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Jobber: Busta Bunny Empty Re: Jobber: Busta Bunny

Post by Cyanide on Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:03 pm

Busta Bunny.....I knew you'd come! It looks like it is indeed "wabbit" season!

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