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Kenzie Haze.

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Kenzie Haze. Empty Kenzie Haze.

Post by Kenzie Haze on Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:04 pm

K E N Z I E  H A Z E.
Kenzie Haze. 3141737102_1_8_cpK2q2ao

Ring Name: Kenzie Haze.
Real Name: Madeline McKenzie Hayes.
Birthday: March 2, 1992.
Nickname: "The Spirit of ICWA", "The Head Cheerleader".
Picture Base: Kelly Kelly.
Alignment: Babyface. Lawful good.
Height & Weight: Five feet five inches. One-hundred and ten pounds.
Billed From: Sacramento, California.
Theme Song: "Bad Decisions" -- Ariana Grande.

Wrestling Style: As a girl who's been tumbling and being tossed in the air for as long as she can remember, performing aerial moves comes pretty naturally to Kenzie. Her style is very high-flyer heavy. Being that she's also not the biggest or the strongest, she also tends to make very good use of being evasive and uses tons of counters. The second you fuck up, she'll have a move to capitalize on it.
Character Summary: Kenzie brings about everything to the table that you would expect from an ex-college cheerleader -- too much peppiness for one person, a mega-watt smile, and a can-do attitude. Suffice it to say, possessing those attributes has made some people underestimate her capability as a wrestler in the past, but Kenzie doesn't have a chip on her shoulder. She's brave. She's self-assured. She's ready to tackle every single part of being in -- and rising to the top of -- a highly-competitive all-women's promotion, and that's what it means to embody the spirit of DIW.
Common Moves: Baseball flip (used as a sunset flip counter), bridging floatover pin (used as an armdrag counter), diving corkscrew back elbow, dropping down and uppercutting the opponent (used as a back body drop counter), front missile dropkick, full nelson bomb transitioned into a lotus lock, horizontal body avalanche, legsweep, Pele kick, slingshot sitout facebuster, standing moonsault.
Signature Moves: 916 (springboard roundhouse kick), Air Kenzie (no-handed springboard somersault plancha), Bubble Breaker (springboard kneeling facebuster).
Finishers: Blonde Ambition (victory roll, flipped into a modified wheelbarrow facebuster, used as a wheelbarrow bodyscissors counter), Hazy Skies (avalanche bodyscissors backflip into a back-to-back kneeling piledriver).
Kenzie Haze
Kenzie Haze

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